Readers’ Favorite Book Review — K.C. Finn

San Francisco Values: Common Ground For Getting America Back on Track is a work of non-fiction that focuses on social, cultural, and political issues, and was penned by author duo Geri Spieler and Rick Kaplowitz. Centered on the topic of what exactly All-American values are, and how they could be utilized to progress into a better tomorrow, the authors explore San Francisco as a model for America’s future. Tackling the issues from partisan and bi-partisan perspectives, the work seeks to unpack such concepts as diversity, immigration, family, and patriotism to uncover why such values are being skewed and unfairly attacked when in fact these can contribute to a stronger, brighter future.

Author team Geri Spieler and Rick Kaplowitz have crafted an excellent work that achieves a respectful and compelling explanation of what is currently going wrong in American culture, politics, and society, and how divisive rhetoric can be put to rest as we forge together for the common good. I enjoyed the fact that the political perspective of the work is fully balanced, which gives the arguments solid grounding and greater strength. The organization of the work makes it easy to get into the information, which is also well researched and presented in an accessible fashion that will allow newcomers to understand it very easily. Overall, I would highly recommend San Francisco Values: Common Ground For Getting America Back on Track as an essential read for everyone, whatever their party or beliefs, to understand how essential values can shape positive policy without the need for underhanded tactics or hatred.

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