Nanci Woody   5.0 out of 5 stars

Geri Spieler and Rick Kaplowitz have written a compelling, interesting, and informative book that delves into such societal issues as brothels, homelessness, home prices in the Bay Area and other parts of the US, HIV, bubonic plague, same-sex marriage, and abortion rights. They also talk about hate speech, racism and voting rights. Each section of the book is accompanied by statistics and interesting facts – (for example, the median home price in Palo Alto is $3,385,000 while the median home price in the US is $347,000.) Well-known leaders from George Washington to Gavin Newsom are brought into the discussion about the politics of an era. “San Francisco Values” gives a short review of the history related to a certain societal issue and how San Franciscans have handled the issue and also how San Francisco has in many ways led the nation to adopt similar policies. I give the book five stars for its extensive research and the fact that it holds the reader’s attention from start to finish, reminding us along the way to value each other as individuals.

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