Elise Frances Miller     5.0 out of 5 stars

Scary fact (Internet research): For the past four years, Fox News has garnered higher ratings than any of the other network or cable news networks. And Fox commentators have portrayed San Franciscans as flaky, terrorist-loving and unpatriotic. As a proud American and San Franciscan, I was excited and relieved to see Spieler and Kaplowitz set the record straight! They write for readers on both sides of the cultural divide, with something insightful and original to say to each, in an easy, readable style. I do hope that readers who are wavering with their votes will take this book to heart. Covering issues such as tech innovation, health care, support for troops, the real place of immigrants in America and more, the authors explain in a calming voice (but always lucid, using documented facts), about San Francisco’s place in the vanguard of the nation. I especially liked the case they made that finding common ground is the only way America will get back on track. And that requires genuine, non-polarized listening to one another’s views on issues, without personal attack. Bravo to the authors for getting this book out the summer before what may be the most important election of our lives! Help spread the word about this book!

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